Benchmark P8


“There should be consistent and sustainable efforts towards strengthening the organisational leadership of government and public institutions, and the capabilities and capacities of all public officials, so that the fundamentals of good democratic governance are effective.”

8.1 OUTCOME: The local authority operates with a clear vision inspired by the Principles of Good Democratic Governance and embodies a proactive, innovative, learning, inclusive, safe, and representative approach that reflects the diversity of the society it serves.

8.2 OUTCOME: The local authority endorses human resource policies which create capability systems aligning competences with goals, fostering merit-based talent development. Regular assessments identify skills and organisational capacity, supported by comprehensive training plans for capability enhancement.

8.3 OUTCOME: The required structures, processes, and capacities for researching, planning, funding, implementing, and evaluating capacity-building programmes are established and supported. Performance appraisal and management measures and procedures are in place to assess, reward, and enhance individual performance while also fostering professional and personal development.

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