Good Democratic Governance Benchmark

Welcome to the Good Democratic Governance Benchmark – Your Gateway to Excellence in Local Governance

Empowering Local Authorities through Insightful Self-Assessment

We are thrilled to introduce the digital version of the Good Democratic Governance Benchmark, a pivotal component of the ELoGE programme. This innovative tool is designed to offer local authorities a streamlined, accessible pathway to self-assess their performance in governance.

Key Features

  • Interactive Digital Platform: Our web-based tool simplifies the self-assessment process, allowing you to explore and evaluate your authority’s governance practices with ease.
  • Guided Reflection Points: The tool directs you through the critical aspects of each governance principle, ensuring a thorough and thoughtful self-evaluation.
  • Principle-by-Principle Assessment: Focus on individual principles of good governance, gaining a clear understanding of each area’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Instant Feedback: Receive an immediate overall score for each principle, providing a valuable snapshot of your current governance status.

How It Works

  1. Select a Principle: Choose from the set of principles that define good democratic governance. Each principle is a cornerstone in achieving excellence.
  2. Self-Assess: Reflect on your local authority’s practices against the outlined criteria. Our tool guides you through key questions and considerations.
  3. Receive Your Score: Upon completion, obtain an immediate assessment for the principle, helping you identify areas of success and those needing attention.
  4. Benchmark & Improve: Use your scores as a benchmark. They serve as a starting point for continuous improvement and engagement with the full ELoGE programme.

Beyond Assessment – The Journey to Excellence

Participating in this self-assessment is the first step. The ELoGE programme goes further by integrating the need for evidence-based evaluation. During the full implementation of the programme, local authorities are encouraged to substantiate their self-assessment with concrete evidence, enhancing the credibility and impact of their governance practices.

Join the Community of Excellence

Embrace this opportunity to reflect, evaluate, and elevate your local authority’s governance standards. This tool is more than an assessment; it’s a pathway to recognizing and achieving governance excellence.

Begin your journey towards governance excellence today – explore, assess, and transform.