Benchmark P4


“The highest standards of public ethics should be strictly observed, enabling everyone to have confidence that government, public institutions and public officials are serving the public good.”

4.1 OUTCOME: A comprehensive public ethics framework is established, encompassing strategies, legislation, regulations, codes of conduct, and guidance. This framework prioritises the public good over individual interests in policy and decision-making processes and ensures ethical practice throughout public institutions and among officials.

4.2 OUTCOME: Clear procedures for addressing complaints and grievances related to breaches of ethical standards and strategies to identify, resolve, or manage conflicts of interest, even post-tenure. This includes putting into place robust measures to prevent and combat corruption, including its criminalisation, fostering public awareness, and promoting ethical behaviour.

4.3 OUTCOME: Clear procedures are in place for handling complaints and grievances from the people and from public officials and protective measures are in place to safeguard whistle-blowers, ensuring they face no direct or indirect retaliation from their current or former public organisation or its officials.

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