Benchmark P12


“Government, public institutions and public officials should be ready to proactively embrace change and innovation, where this would improve the resilience and quality of public services, taking into account evolving expectations and realities and by engaging widely with others to draw on good practice and enhance knowledge.”

12.1 OUTCOME:  A climate favourable to adaptions, to changes of context and external environment and to the peoples’ needs and preferences, as well as to cultural change, based on flexibility, self-evaluation, and continuous learning, is created within public institutions in the interest of achieving better results.

12.2 OUTCOME: The local authority engages in knowledge-sharing with other public and private actors as well as with civil society, at all levels, including internationally.

12.3 OUTCOME: The local authority can identify, adapt, and implement successful practices so as to innovate in terms of knowledge, institutional settings, management, tools, and methodologies whenever needed.

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